Context is King

As the future King of England is wed, so it's actually the context of the wedding which is the big attraction.  After all the marriage, a personal commitment between two people, is legally just the same as any other (well actually multiple marriage registers rather than just one).  It's all the context that provides the whole picture....royalty, romance, and hence the ensuing super spectacle.

And so it is that context is king in any effective analysis and interpretation, whether strategic or operational.  Here's a couple of examples at the other extreme...

The "12 inch pizza"  from the supermarket looked a little small, and on measuring not only was it smaller than it's backing, but the backing itself was not the full 12" (being only 30cm wide, rather than the expected 30.5cm).  So we're missing at least 0.5cm of pizza!

If we were missing that 0.5cm from the middle of the pizza that that's only 0.2 squared centimetres.  But from the edge of the pizza, that's missing all the way round, that's a different story....a whole 24 missing, 800 times more pizza than if it was missing from the middle...

Another simple example of the importance of context...In need of a garage or loft conversion, then how about some recommendations...some quotes, proudly displayed on the side of a van....

"The best builder I have ever used".

Well if it's the first builder I have ever used then.... that also makes it the worst builder I have ever used.

"Standard of finish was beyond my expectation".  

Well if the expectation was very poor, the standard of finish could be poor, and this would still hold true.