UK Statistical Policy Landscape Infographic

There's a strong emergence of the infographic, helping to make numbers more visual - a varied mix of shapes, colours, numbers and words.  Some are able to tell the story better than others, and variably able get over a key message or two, but none the less a very positive and welcome direction of travel.

The statistics world is going through some similarly positive moves to strengthen the impact and visibility that statistics and statistical analysis can have.   So our Royal Statistical Society has a new strategy for that, plus a stronger focus around the strap line of data-evidence-decisions.   (In fact, analysis has a part in there too and was part of the consideration).

At some point there's be some convergence between the increasingly open data that feeds lots of  the infographics, and the more long standing stats and analysis world, and especially around that Open data which is Public. 

So as a contribution to that's my infographic which represents the current statistical policy landscape.

This was presented at the Royal Statistical Society's 2013 Annual International Conference. 2-5 September in Newcastle.

Purpose: This poster provides the macro scope, influences and connections of the UK statistical policy environment. It is also a consolidated reference source in it's on right with the key messages and emphasis emerging. It's a particular take on the ever popular infographic trend, presenting our environment in a strategic and visual way to create interest and support debate and discussion.

Abstract - This infographic presents and inter-relates the key components of the UK's statistical policy landscape.  The scope includes key bodies, legislation, policy, guidance, and key contextual factors and influences.   This provides a single strategic visual overview and reference source, illustrating the evolution, relationship and synthesis of those components over the last decade.  This also helps to illustrate to a lay audience the extent and development of the background rigour and governance in public data management, use and communication.