Hello and welcome.

The resources here are all about strategy, performance, analysis and data.  It's the distillation of my 20+ years of experience, learning and insight working in these areas, nationally and locally, and across a range of sectors.

It's a mixture of profound and practical and I hope insightful, interesting and even entertaining. This all really stems from my belief in the power and interpretation of numbers to enlighten, educate, inform and even transform. And at the same time, based on the view that there is no one silver bullet, rather a series of evolving fundamental truths to understand, manage and apply appropriately.

I launched on 20.10.2010, to coincide with, and make my contribution to, the United Nation's World Statistics Day and the launch of the Royal Statistical Society's 'Getstats' 10 year campaign to improve statistical literacy in the UK. 

There's also an angle here in that I have a statistical surname.  I do try to reflect this definition to variable extent.....askew   [Pref. a-+skew]  adv. & adj. out of line; at an oblique angle; towards one side; awry; askance; out of the proper position.

I hope you enjoy reading this and find some helpful insight that you can apply. Do let me know how you get on.